Size Guide

Size Guide

Our jewelry pieces come in a variety of lengths and sizes. Use this guide to help you find the right fit.


We offer several different lengths for our necklace chains. The length of your necklace depends on how you envision it will fit once worn. If wearing a pendant on a necklace, remember the pendant will add a bit of length to the total necklace length. Measuring a favorite necklace length you own works too as well as taking a string and trying on various lengths.

14” 35 cm Choker worn at the base of the neck
16” 40 cm Sits right at the clavicle
18” 45 cm Falls just below the collarbone
20” 50 cm Sits between the clavicle and bust line
24” 60 cm Sits at top of bust line
32” 80 cm Often worn double

Chain Bracelets

To ensure you’re ordering the correct bracelet length, take a string and wrap it around your wrist. This should feel snug. Mark the overlapping parts of the string and measure the length against a ruler. Add a half of an inch to the measured circumference of your wrist to allow for a comfortable fit.
For example if the circumference of your wrist is 6.25”, we suggest your bracelet size would be a 6.75”.

How a bracelet fits is quite personal- some like bracelets looser and some like them more snug. Email to discuss your sizing questions.

Your wrist
in inches
Bracelet length
in inches
Bracelet length
in cm
5.5” 6” 15.24 cm
6” 6.5” 16.51 cm
6.25” 6.75” 17.15 cm
6.5” 7” 17.78 cm
6.75” 7.25” 18.42 cm
7” 7.5” 19.05 cm
7.5” 8” 20.32 cm

Hinged Bracelets

The sizing of a hinged bracelet depends on how you personally like it to fit. Clients generally prefer a hinged bracelet to fit more tightly than a chain bracelet.

Measure your wrist with a tape measure- make sure the tape measure is snug and note your measurement. Refer to our sizes below to see which bracelet fit you would enjoy wearing.

Have a question regarding your size? Email We are able to make custom sizes should you not find your size listed.

in CM
Small 6.3” 16 cm
Medium 6.7” 17 cm
Large 7.1 18 cm


In order to find your ring size, make sure your finger is at a normal body temperature as fingers can shrink or expand when it’s hot or cold.

We recommend getting your finger sized at a local store or taking a ring that you like the fit of sized. Remember it’s okay if the ring is a bit snug over your knuckle, but you want to make sure it’s a comfortable fit at the base of your finger.

For wider rings, add half a size as a wider ring needs more room to slide onto your finger.

US Size
Inside circumference (mm)
3 44.2
3.5 45.5
4 46.8
4.5 48.0
5 49.3
5.5 50.6
6 51.9
6.5 53.1
7 54.4
7.5 55.7
8.5 58.3
9 59.5
9.5 60.8
10 62.1
10.5 63.4
11 64.6
11.5 65.9
12 67.2
12.5 68.5
13 69.7