Aurelia Demark is a collection of modern and feminine jewelry pieces.

Launched in 2017 in New York City, the eponymous brand was inspired by Aurelia’s family tradition of designing a pendant to celebrate the birth of a child. Decades later, Aurelia and her mother designed an elephant charm to celebrate the arrival of Aurelia’s first daughter. Influenced by the tremendous sentimental value of both her pendants, Aurelia launched her debut collection, Les Joujoux, a collection of animal pendants and children’s silhouettes to celebrate life’s most cherished milestones.


Having honed her product development and merchandising skills at Tory Burch overseeing jewelry and accessories, Aurelia followed her passion and pursued jewelry design. The collections and pieces that followed are equally personal to Aurelia and resonate with her aesthetic of femininity and whimsy. Every piece has a story to tell; the brand’s signature four leaf clover pendant is in honor of her grandmother searching for them. Always curious and exploring, inspiration comes by observing everyday objects and rare ones that resonate within her world of using modern and classic elements: like using a ribbon motif to surround a stone, designing a ring imagined from the pattern play of eyelet embroidery, or the fluid shape of a raindrop. Aurelia’s pieces show her ability to bring new concepts that work beautifully within jewelry, each carrying a warm modernism the brand has become known for and are a delight to wear.


All pieces are designed in-house and proudly produced in jewelry workshops in New York’s diamond district from precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones. Aurelia is recognized by her clientele for her personalized design process and offering pieces that are a joy to wear.